I had the Nightly 10.2 20130821 on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) when a new nightly was announced by CM Updater in Settings. When I updated, the phone hung up. I could get into CWM but I couldn’t mount anything.

E: Can´t mount /cache/recovery/comand
E: Can´t mount /cache/recovery/log
E: Can´t open /cache/recovery/log
E: Can´t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
E: Can´t open /cache/recovery/last_log

While formatting it showed up

make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p7

After several tryings with Odin and losing all of my data on the phone (who cares if your contacts are in Google, your mails are always online and your pictures in Dropbox) I tried

GT-I9100_JB_ClockworkMod-Recovery_6.0.2.9.tar – 5.91 MB from xda-developers

and it worked!

What NOT helped:

  • old CWM: went to SGS i9100 bootsplash with triangle, then hung there, sometimes also black screen after that
  • Dorimanx/Siyah Kernel: boot to dorimanx and then hung up
  • Wiping or formatting “/cache” in CWM three times.

After it worked, I tried again to install CM-10.2-20130821, then made OTA update and rebooted: it hung again and I could reproduce that the solution works.

My device has the eMMC Superbrick Bug which I could prove with the “eMMC Brickbug Check” when it showed up

eMMC chip

Type: VYL00M

Date: 10/2011

CID: 150100…ae39

FwRev: 0X19

Brick Bug?

YES. Insane chip.

CM 10.2-20130821 -DIFF- CM 10.2-20130826

  • Home button works, option was added in settings and is already activated
  • Phone feels slower
  • Less surprising reboots (just one instead of four)

The first CM10 ROM was most stable: cm-10.1-20130618-EXPERIMENTAL-i9100-GERRIT44413.zip

You better get a CM9 stable…

Ah, just fyi, you find two branches for i9100 in CyanogenMod repo: galaxys2 and i9100. galaxys2 was the old one and has CM7 and CM9 stable versions available while the i9100 branch is the CM10 development branch and has experimental and nightlies but no stable yet.